We’ve been acquired

We are delighted to announce that Huga has been acquired by the award winning Sussex based marketing agency Creative Pod. For all future inquires regarding your branding, marketing or website please contact the team at Creative Pod and they will be delighted to assist you.


We offer ongoing support and services to all our clients, whether they are looking for technical support and guidance or are looking to expand on something we’ve already created. Think of us as a helping hand, a friendly voice down the phone ready to help with any web related requests you may have. This is an intrinsic part of how we work at Huga and we will always provide ongoing support for our clients.

Domain Management

Domains are the most vital part of a website – without a domain, there is no website. Domain names control where everything points to and essentially encompasses your brand’s online identity.

We are able to register and manage your domains for you, or are able to take a domain name you have already secured and build/rebuild your site using this. Our fully manage domain names and fees start from just £14.99 per year, and our team are on hand to talk you through your site’s individual domain needs.

Download our Domain Fees

Email Management

We offer services to manage your business email – this means that we help set up your email account for you and are on hand if you need any assistance.

We offer three types of Email services dependant on how many accounts you require and your business needs; we will offer recommendations where necessary about which cover is best suited for you. Our fully-managed business email accounts start from just £5.99 per month, and for more information on our pricing, please look at our downloadable PDF.

Download our Email Fees

Hosting Services

For websites to exist, they need to be hosted on reliable, secure and fast software – think of the host as the foundations which your website is built upon. We used a reliably sourced, dedicated hosting based in the UK with a 99.9% uptime, so that you can be assured that your website is hosted both locally and safely. Our fully-managed dedicated hosting services are available to all clients and our fees start from just £14.99 per month. All Hosting costs can be found in our downloadable PDF.

Download our Hosting Fees


Alongside Hosting, we also provide a range of Back-Up services. If Hosting is the foundations to your website, Back-Ups are like an insurance policy; you hope you never need to use it, but it’s always there for peace of mind. We are able to regularly back-up your website to preserve its content in the unlikely circumstances that something should go wrong. We have varying levels of cover for back-ups, starting from £10.00 per month. For more information on levels of back-up cover and pricing, refer to our downloadable PDFs or get in touch with a member of team today.

Download our Backup Options

Service Support

We don’t just hand over your new website, design work or digital strategy and simply say goodbye – we strongly believe in creating long lasting professional relationships with our clients, supporting them throughout their project and continuing to do so once it’s finished. We often find that most projects are never definitively “finished;” you may want to tweak bits here and there or have a complete revamp at some time in the future and you should have the ability to do so.

Download our Service Support options

We offer flexible service support to help you both on and offline with your marketing efforts – whether this be adapting your site or helping you create an offline print promotion. A familiar voice is at the end of the phone to offer you ongoing support.

Maintenance and Updates

With all client’s we provide maintenance and support contracts to ensure your website is well looked after. It’s of upmost importance to ensure that your site is running on up-to-date technology and is being well-maintained for a wealth of reasons.

It’s important to ensure your site is updated regularly to keep it safe; an old site which doesn’t have the appropriate updates is more venerable and potentially more susceptible to security risks.
Furthermore, for good search rankings, website’s must be kept in good nick in order to provide your customers with the best possible experience of the site. Through regular maintenance and update checks to your site, we can help you keep your rankings and retention of customers on your site.

Download our Maintenance Options

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