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Getting Started with PPC

PPC isn’t just for big businesses with large budgets; it’s accessible to all and is a highly flexible way of reaching your targeted audience. You control when you want to use PPC and as the name suggests, only pay when a user interacts with your ad. We believe that PPC advertising helps to form a rounded, successful digital strategy and we craft tailored ads for your businesses goals and customer base.

We take care of the whole process of using paid advertising, from helping you establish a target audience and selecting the optimum keywords, right through to making your adverts live and monitoring them to get the best results. Our key advantage lies in our in-house graphic & web designers & developers on-hand to create striking ads which have a high chance of conversion.

Each campaign created is bespoke with a strong focus on the aspects of your business you wish to promote. We understand the need for complete transparency when costs are involved, and we therefore ensure that we are in regular contact with you. Our aim is to be continually reducing the cost per click, whilst increasing clicks through to your site.

Search Network

We work with a variety of PPC platforms, including Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. With a prime focus on Google AdWords, our PPC expertise expands across all forms of Google’s advertising channels from the Search & Display Networks through to Shopping & YouTube Ads.

Google’s Search Ads allow your business to be found under search results of the keywords which are most relevant to your business, and what your customers are searching for; these appear as text ads at the top and bottom of the page.

We provide comprehensive keyword and competitor research to create a bespoke Search strategy for your business. This covers everything from using the right targeting, keywords & bid strategies to writing optimised ads which will encourage you customers to click through.

Google Search Network - Huga Digital Marketing Sussex - Web Design Sussex
Google Display Network - Huga Digital Marketing Sussex - Web Design Sussex


Display Ads are shown on 3rd party websites which sell space on their site for advertising purposes. You’ll often find these that display ads are image or gif-based and are highly engaging. If you have ever noticed that you’re seeing an ad appear for a website you’ve already visited, this is what we call Remarketing. It’s a form of display advertising that allows us to show ads to previous visitors of your site.

We design engaging, interactive display ads and select tailored targeting options to get your ads seen by your customers. We ensure that we don’t cause annoyance to users, but instead we aid in the preservation of your businesses marketing message, enhancing brand awareness and conversion rates.

Shopping Network

Shopping ads are an extremely useful tool for e-commerce sites, especially if your products are price competitive; to be able to show your product directly next to your competitors, at a competitive price, means you are much more likely to convert that user.

Shopping ads are shown in relevant search queries and display key product information. We set up and monitor your product feeds, promoting specific products and tracking the conversion rate of these based on the amount of click your ad is getting.

Google Shopping Network - Huga Digital Marketing Sussex - Web Design Sussex
Google YouTube Advertising - Huga Digital Marketing Sussex - Web Design Sussex


YouTube video ads are an excellent way to engage customers in an interactive manner; they often promote far higher conversion rates based on their ability to connect with the user. You will see video ads as sponsored content at the beginning of, or sometimes during videos.

With our in-house videography services, we cover everything from the strategy to the editing. Using your businesses goals, we storyboard, shoot and edit the video, ready to be set live on YouTube. We use tailored targeting based on the content of the video the user is intending to watch, which helps to increase the chance of conversion, all while using a highly engaging, professional video ad to promote your business.

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