Email marketing involves directly sending email campaigns to customers - new or existing - with a marketing goal in mind. It allows you to reach your target audience directly to convey your message, and has one of the highest conversion rates of all digital marketing strategies. We create tailored e-marketing strategies for your businesses goals, using techniques which will engage your customer and help you retain them in the long-run.


We design dynamic, responsive newsletters and e-marketing messages to be sent to your customers – you can send anything from company or industry updates to exclusive promotions to encourage sales. We frequently use Mailchimp, an affordable, user-friendly e-marketing platform, which allows us to create responsive, professional, HTML emails campaigns.


Alongside standard email newsletters and campaigns, we are also able to create automated email structures which send your customers on a desired path of receiving relevant emails just for them. Automated or Transaction emails have the ability to improve open rates 8x and increase revenue 6-fold.

Have you ever added something to a basket and left without purchasing, only to get an email a few hours later encouraging you to go back and purchase? Perhaps you’ve signed up for a newsletter and are receiving emails only relevant to what you’re interested in? This will be driven through a segmentation & automation strategy.

We use the platform Active Campaign to create a bespoke automation path to take your customers down in order to send them the most relevant, targeted emails for them to help improve your email’s open and conversion rates.

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