Redstone Wills

The Largest Will Writing Organisation in the UK’s

The Brief

We’ve worked closely alongside Redstone Wills for a number of years, having been asked recently to revamp the site we’d build for them. With a younger target audience in mind, we were asked to create something a bit out of the ordinary for a Will writing company, using imagery & clean UX to appeal to a variety of ages. From here, we’ve worked alongside them on long-term digital marketing strategies, having been required to get them seen by their target audience on a variety of platforms.


As we were working to a new target audience, we spent much time planning the site’s new image. We looked closely at competitors and which types of design features would be most appealing for a younger audience, all the while considering good UX for a variety of ages.

Design & UX

  • Desktop

  • Tablet

  • Mobile

With a variety of services on offer, we carefully planned the site to have highly accessible navigation for whichever service a user would be looking for. We created quick links using the information gathered from the previous site on the most visited service pages to offer users the ability to find what they were looking for quickly.

To fulfil the brief of creating something a bit more alternative, we designed an angular theme to run throughout the site and which has also governed any additional marketing materials, meaning that a cohesive brand image has been created.

We build the site with expansion in mind, making it easy for us to create additional pages which would seamlessly integrate into the site. More recently, we created a bespoke online quiz allowing users to see what would happen if they didn’t have a Will; this has been an excellent marketing tool for Redstone Wills.


Since launching the site, we’ve worked closely with Redstone in creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. We’ve explored creative content creation, Facebook & LinkedIn Advertising, Google AdWords & Automated Email Marketing.

We have reached their younger target audience on new mediums which have proved to be highly beneficial for increasing traffic to the site and expanding their brand awareness.

The Results


23% of people
do this that and
the other


57% of people do
this that and the


89% of
people do this that
and the other

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