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Jesmor Construction

Specialising in Property Development and Groundworks

The Brief

Jesmor have been a longstanding Client of ours since 2013. Since then, they have grown considerably and therefore how they are portrayed needed to accurately reflect this. Their requirements were to showcase their project work to reflect the extent of their service offering throughout a variety of industries.

  • Desktop

  • Tablet

  • Mobile

The Results


23% of people
do this that and
the other


57% of people do
this that and the


89% of
people do this that
and the other


Due to the changing business infrastructure branching off into sub-sectors, we started with looking at the brand: how they are seen and more so how they want to be perceived. The conclusion from this analysis was to recreate the brand as the “Jesmor Group”, an umbrella to its subsidiaries, which would therefore create no confusion to the service offerings being associated with the subsidiaries. Thereafter the site itself took shape through wireframing the layout, focusing on the core areas of projects and the service propositions through clearly separating out the companies which fall under the “Jesmor Group.”

Design & UX

The site was designed with strong visuals in mind. Not only was it important to have clean navigation but we really wanted to create high impact to truly showcase their work. We focused on users being able to clearly identify with the case studies presented on the site, so worked on creating UX which allowed for this to happen easily.


As a family run business, Jesmor have always used their family crest within their logo. Upon rebranding Jesmor, it was apparent that the tradition of the family crest continued on; we advised on the brand essentials and choice of typography to create a cohesive logo for use across the group.

We Delivered

  • Branding
  • Web design & Development

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