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The leading provider of climbing walls in the UK

The Brief

High Sports approached us with the vision to redesign and build their existing site – the brief was to create a modern & interactive site with an abstract design. We were required to develop a highly functional site that was easy to navigate for users and simple for back-end content changes to be made regularly. We knew the key focus was for climbers to be able to assess all of the information they required about any High Sports wall throughout the UK and that’s what we set out to deliver.


Danielle, the Marketing Manager at High Sports was amazing throughout this project; due to the scale and functionality of the project, she commenced planning months prior to development. Once we had the key structure from Danielle, we worked closely to refine and enhance to a level where we were all happy to commence Design and UX.

We also took meticulous care in ensuring the site was user friendly and retained as much interactivity as possible, regardless of browser or device type.

Design & UX

  • Desktop

  • Tablet

  • Mobile

This was a very exciting project to develop, and it was decided to run with interactive, animated design effects throughout the core areas to give some life to the website. We used their existing branding material to mould what the site is today as well as designing new graphics throughout the website. Being an exciting sport with great imagery to hand, the site soon took great shape

We used a modular design throughout the site, inspired by climbing as the user scrolls, and spent much time assessing the best way forward to provide the user with large amounts of information in a clean, concise manner. We made a bespoke homepage banner which would showcase the five videos we created for High Sports, providing a large impact the instant the user entered the site.


Possibly the most exciting filming project and physically challenging too! We created five unique films to appeal to a range of different climbers, all to be showcased on the homepage. Each video had its own story to tell and the most challenging one involved us having to shoot from the top of the highest wall. The only way we could access it was by climbing the wall, not forgetting with all of our equipment attached.

Needless to say we achieved the shot we wanted, however throughout the process of climbing, Søren managed to rip his trousers from front to back but continued on to complete the task in hand! Once filmed and edited, the videos came together beautifully and the newly built site was ideal for showing them off.

The Results


23% of people
do this that and
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57% of people do
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89% of
people do this that
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We Delivered

Web Design

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They Said

Rebuilding a website for our multi site climbing wall business was a daunting prospect – especially as we wanted something slick and different to other websites. Working with Huga made us feel like we were in safe hands and they bent over backwards to deliver the website we wanted with a great deal of professional advice on improvements to our original brief. They have a really friendly, enthusiastic and responsive team with great project management – a pleasure to work with.

Danielle Woolcott-King

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