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Supplying fine art paper throughout the world since 1584

The Brief

Hahnemühle are providers of Fine Art papers & supplies. With worldwide recognition, they have been operating since 1584. Having established themselves globally as the place to go for top quality supplies, Hahnemühle had yet to break into the online market.

Excited to work with such a long-standing company that places customer satisfaction at its core, our brief was to create a comprehensive e-commerce site for the UK market to serve both retail and trade consumers. The site needed to reflect the clean and authentic brand of Hahnemühle so that it integrated seamlessly with the company’s various global websites, whilst maintaining dynamic, engaging elements to encourage online purchases.

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The Planning

With any extensive e-commerce build, thorough planning is vital. Hahnemühle needed a CMS that could handle a vast amount of traffic, provide maximum flexibility and would allowed them to forward plan; we advised Magento for these reasons.


For Huga, the focus of our work is always on the power of our clients resonating with their target audience. For Hahnemuhle, this meant creating seamless UX and customer journey for both their trade and retail customers. This journey began with wire-framing by looking at the various customer journeys and using pencil and an endless roll of paper to design until we had discovered the ultimate fit. Once agreed, the plan was developed online and in an exciting moment, the user’s experience was formed.

The Function

Once the site’s UX & design features were established, the next development was building the sites function from the base up. A key feature required for this was within product selection, we paid close attention to the site’s filters and search facilities to ensure the user could discover the best products for them, whether a trade user or a young art student with a student discount.

Our design & development team collaborated closely with all the key stakeholders at Hahnemühle to not only build a site for its current customer's needs, but to ensure support and flexibility for the progression of the site in the future.

The Outcome

We’re so proud of the work gone in to create Hahnemühle’s first e-commerce site. Over the project, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with their team in both the UK & Germany to bring this vision to life. The site’s launch has brought about a new opportunity for Hahnemühle to connect with customers online, something we are grateful to have been a part of. We are so pleased to have developed a longstanding partnership with Hahnemühle adapting the site for new trends and using data gathered to assist with ongoing marketing.

The result

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