Branding Approach & Brand Analysis Workshop

We understand that to a business, branding is one of the most vital things to get right, therefore we collaborate with you to gain as much knowledge about what you envisage for your brand and who your audience is. We provide a branding workshop which will help you better understand the brand you want to create.

Our brand analysis workshop explores the core fundamentals of your brand. It covers your product or service offering, your proposition in the market, your target customer & location, your promotional strategy and your USPs. The aim of our workshop is to really get to know your business and help you build a cohesive brand. We ask the right questions and get discussion started, offering our expertise and recommendations for your brand. At the end of this, we’ll have covered every element of your branding so that we can plan with a clear brand strategy in place.

Our next step is to produce a variety of branding materials, with variation. This process involves narrowing down which designs are most suitable your brand. We often find that combining designs leads to a final product which exceeds your own vision. Once a final design has been agreed upon, we begin to refine and render to create the branding material producing these in a variety of formats, ready for use.

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Web Design Approach

All of our web design processes start with the exploring and consulting stage. This is where we begin to plan out the project, from spec-ing out the big features, all the way down to the small details.

We explore a variety of ways to approach your web design project, starting with the initial brief and then conducting competitor research. We use our expertise to produce a detailed plan for your project. We consult throughout the planning process, advising on the best way forward and allowing our experience and research to direct the creative process. Within each web design and development project, we place much focus on the Information Architecture (IA) of the site to ensure that we not only create something which visually exceeds your expectations, but is purpose-built. We understand the key need for comprehensive user experience (UX) throughout the whole site, and this is something which we take into consideration from the start.

We share all of our designs, allowing you to see what the site will look like, and we work closely together to ensure that our web designs are a combination of your vision and our expertise.

From here we begin developing; this is where you will start to see our designs become a reality, and where form and function can be seen working alongside another.

Once your site is launched, we then help you to capture your audience and give your site the exposure it deserves through digital marketing. We offer ongoing support for your website, providing hosting, domains and emails and are there as a helping hand for when you need it – we’re only a phone call away.

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Digital Marketing Approach

Our digital marketing services are aimed at getting your business seen by your target audience. Our digital strategies are comprehensive, and as always, we start by discussing your businesses goals.

Our initial stages involve thorough research into your site’s current performance against industry standards and competitors. From here, we provide an inclusive strategy using a variety of techniques.

Once we have discussed our recommended digital strategy, it’s time to put this into place. We draw from all members of the team from design to development, and put our strategy into practise. We break this down into manageable, step-by-step processes and take a logical approach to completing both one-off and ongoing tasks.

From here, we ensure that we stay in regular contact, providing comprehensive reports on the success of SEO & Digital Marketing efforts put into place so far, as well as analysing areas in which we can improve with continual work – we learn from data gathered and alter our strategy based upon this.

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