5 Key Benefits of Email Marketing

1. Email Marketing is Easy to do

Despite many misconceptions, email marketing does not have to be a drain on time. There are loads of useful systems for email marketing in the industry, most of which have easy to use navigation and great tools to help you create an email campaign in no time.

With drag & drop facilities and a variety of predesigned templates, it’s now easier than ever to create a robust email to send out. And for more of a professional edge, most platforms offering the ability to code-your-own, allowing you to marry up your email campaigns with your site and branding seamlessly.


With an average 53% of emails opened on mobiles, it’s important to check that any drag-and-drop email systems you use are fully optimised for all platforms. The majority are, but it’s always worth double checking how your emails look on a phone or tablet and adjusting where need be.

2. Email Marketing is Action Focused

Email campaigns are, by their nature, action focused. This makes for excellent audience targeting and opportunity for conversions. Email campaigns give you the ability to reach users in a highly convenient and immediate way, persuading them to take action now. This works especially well for consumers who are impulse-minded.

In order for your users to take action, its key to include powerful Call to Action buttons with compelling copy to encourage interaction. Check out our Tips for impactful CTA Buttons for some more inspiration.

3. Segmentation & Automation

Email marketing provides an easy solution to what we know is a successful strategy in marketing – segmenting your audience. In a heterogeneous world, email marketing platforms allow the opportunity to segment your contacts with ease, sending each group a message which is highly specific to their needs and demographics. Those who use segmentation have found up to 760% increase in revenue, highlighting the clear benefits of using list segmentation within email marketing.

Other benefits of segmentation include the ability to A/B test any campaigns, helping you refine your marketing message and design based on the most successful results.

Furthermore, this method allows you to put a drip marketing strategy in place; this is the process of creating a path of transactional messages which are triggered when desired actions are fulfilled by your users. Studies have found that you’re likely to get up to 8 times more opens and clicks when using transactional advertising within your email campaigns. What’s better is that most sophisticated email marketing platforms provide robust automation options, allowing your drip strategy to take place with ease.

4. Immediate Email Marketing Results & Analytics

Unlike many traditional forms of marketing, email campaigns allow for instant results once sent; there’s no waiting for long periods to access the effectiveness. Analytics are vital in any marketing campaign, and email marketing provides a wealth of useful demographics. Most email marketing platforms will provide robust reporting including open & click rates, most clicked links, number of times opened per individual email and much more, all which make segmentation of lists and transactional campaigns extremely easy.

5. Cost Effective

When looking at return on investment, averages show up to £38 ROI per £1 spent for email marketing, with some 17% found to have an ROI of £70, according to the National Client Email Report; this highlights the huge potential for use of email marketing in relation to cost-effectiveness.

Many email marketing platforms provide extremely affordable pricing per email sent, with some providing a free service when using lists under a certain amount, such as Mailchimp. Overall, email marketing allows you to reach a potentially large, global audience at a low cost – no postage or print costs, no waiting around for results.

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