So you have seen an increase in your website traffic but you haven’t seen an increase in your sales?

This is something I speak to my clients about frequently; the power of engaged traffic over large volumes of traffic is powerful & something you need to be utilising right now.

So often in life we believe more is better, we put all of our efforts into increasing our website traffic and wait for an increase in sales, but the conversions just don’t come. We start to think that our efforts aren’t right and become frustrated with our websites.

Infographic Dont Just Increase Website Traffic - Increase Website Traffic That Converts 2019

How Can You Fix The Problem?

It’s so simple; ensure your marketing is niche enough & targeted to a really specific demographic.

By selecting 3 clearly defined customer segments and ensuring that your content & website are tailored to these you remove unwanted traffic and create a website that nurtures those who are really invested in your services.

At Huga we provide our clients with Customer Personas & Customer Journey Maps to help them visualise this process & to have materials they can use each time they create content to ensure it is targeted and reaching the people they really want to help.

Example Customer Persona

Create Content Your Audience Wants to Read

There are key tools that you can use to help you establish what it is that your customers are looking for.

Some tools that we would recommend you use to establish what your target audience are searching for are:

Answer the Public

Google Trends

Search Console

Link Your Content to Provide Even Further Help

Linking content is a great way for you to provide your customers with further meaningful information. You don’t just have to link to content on your website – linking to relevant useful information on another site is also beneficial. This gives the customer what they are looking for, it ads trust and expertise to your business, and is helpful. Just ensure when you are adding the link to another site that it opens in a new tab, so the tab for your site also remains open.

Don’t Be Scared for Your Traffic to Drop Initially:

This will happen as you refine you message but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Lots of traffic isn’t always the best thing for your website. Google SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) consider key engagement metrics as a factor in their ranking. Therefore, having a good Average Bounce Rate, Time on Site, Average Session Duration & Number of Sessions per Users is key!

Key Google Analytics Metrics You Should Be Tracking:


  1. It’s not all about high traffic numbers
  2. Know your audience
  3. Create content your audience wants to read
  4. Link your content to provide even further help
  5. Share your content in the places your audience spend most of their time.
  6. Watch as your traffic becomes more engaged and you increase your conversions.
Infographic Explaining How to Increase Engaged Website Traffic