What Does it Mean When a Website is Responsive?

Responsive websites are a frequent topic of conversation in the web design and development world. But as a business owner understanding the elements to a fully functioning and optimised mobile friendly & responsive webite can be tough.

The Essential Points You Need to Know

Down to being asked by numerous clients about the importance of ensuring a website is Responsive, we thought it was best to put together a simple infographic, which saves time & helps explain this. For those of you who like a good print and read, we have put together a PDF Document which you can download here.

You already have so much to think about just reading about responsive websites and whether yours is up to date can feel stressful.

FAQ’s Surrounding Responsive Websites:

How Do Responsive Websites Work?

A responsive website ensures your users get a full experience across all devices. It also has benefits for your website such as:

  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Increasing website page speed
  • Reducing the chance of your customers leaving your website.

Fluid grids, percentages over fixed frame, HTML and CSS code are used to recognise the device, and display your website in a way that fits the users screen and needs.

How do You Make an Existing Website Responsive?

CSS code editing is needed to change the style of the site based on the size of the viewport (or device) the user is searching on.

How Much is a Responsive Website?

  • Typically a new brochure website will start at £1500 whereas making a site responsive can be as little as £500
  • The cost will depend on whether you are optimising and updating your site or whether you are in need of a complete rebuild.
  • The number of pages on your site will also have an impact on the cost.
  • Consider what CMS system your site is using as this could also have an impact on cost.

If you would like to get a detailed quote for your website contact huga – and we would be more than happy to go through this with you.

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