Using Colour to Create a Powerful Brand Perception

Colour theory and psychology is vital for creating a powerful brand perception, because of the emotional impact that colour has on us all. Have you ever thought about turning up to a work meeting in your PJ’s? It would be so comfortable but you wouldn’t do it because as soon as your colleagues saw you they would perceive you as lazy and not worth listening to, you would be ignored, shouted down and possibly not even allowed into the meeting.

Branding is exactly the same.

You need your brand to evoke the right emotions in your customers if you want to generate leads, conversion, and make sales.

How can I connect customers to my brand?


It is a simple answer and one that should be taken note of immediately. Each colour has been found to evoke emotions within customers and some colours can even improve your CTR and lead generation. The graphic below outlines The Most Popular Branding Colour Meanings and is designed help you discover which colours might be best for your business.

Take Inspiration from the World Leaders:

World learders brand colour wheel example

McDonalds: Red and Yellow

We know Mcdonalds by its internationally recognised ‘Golden Arches’. The bright yellow is striking, evoking emotions of happiness and positivity, suggesting eating at the restaurant will bring you happiness. This is contrasted against the Red background, associated with feeling of hunger. What makes this colour combination so perfect for the company is the balance between the colours telling the consumer to act and the feeling of positivity inspired.

Subway: Green and Yellow

Subways Green and Yellow Logo has recently gone through a design change in 2018, although the colours remain the same. This is the perfect colour combination for the company; the green is an association with the fresh ingredients the company uses; fresh fruit and vegetables and bread baked in the restaurants that day. The yellow combines with this to evoke an emotion of positivity that will be felt by the customer if they choose to eat in the restaurant.

Android: Green

Android green is a well known colour and is a huge part of the companies brand. The humanoid logo is internationally recognised and the colour choice of green encompasses just what the company wants their customers to feel. By a customer using android products they are buying into a company that is reliable, but also that also promotes prosperity and reliability.

Ford: Blue

A longstanding company, the Ford blue instills a sense of security and stability something all consumers are looking for in their car. The simple blue background logo with the sophisticated white Ford signature running through creates a feeling of trust between the company and its consumers.

Hallmark: Purple and Gold

The Hallmark logo tells customers that should they shop with the brand they will be giving gifts of the best quality and this suggests that they really care about the person they are sending to. The purple logo with the gold crown supports the brand’s tagline ‘When you care enough to send the very best’.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Pink

The pink ribbon is world associated with breast cancer awareness and the use of pink is chosen specifically to communicate a care for women with breast cancer. Pink is associated as a feminine colour and also with caring. Therefore the use of pink for the logo is highly apropriate and effective.

Your Brand is the Key To Your Audiences Emotions

Most popular branding colours and what emotions they evoke

TOP TIPS: When looking at your brand, and the use of colour, here are some things to consider:

  • What values do you want to portray as a brand?
  • How can you communicate these values to shape perception of your brand?
  • Who are you hoping to communicate these messages to?

In order to use this palette, you need to understand exactly who you are as a brand, with a clear vision for how you want to be perceived and who you want to reach. If you are not at this stage yet, Huga offer Brand Discovery: Find out more about our Brand Discovery Service Here