Top Tips on making the most out of Facebook and Twitter

Social Media has become a key skill to master for those seeking a strong online presence, so whether you’re a hashtagging novice or simply aspiring to become the most popular of your Facebook friends, our guide on The Best Times to Post and Tweet will help you gain more likes, favourites and retweets from your online audience.


Having read our Beginners Guide to the Basics of Facebook, we are sure you’re rapidly becoming Facebook savvy, but what’s the use in setting up your company’s page, gaining likes and finding interesting things to post to your adoring fans, when they’re not going to be online to appreciate them?! Use our guide to find out when you should be posting and what you should be posting about.

When to Post:

  • Thursday & Friday – Buddy’s Media highlight one key aspect that many Facebook users have in common – “the less people want to be at work, the more they are on Facebook!” Keeping this in mind, statistics show that engagement rates on Facebook are up to 18%* higher on a Thursday and Friday.
  • Between 9am-7pm – It’s debatable, but many suggest that the best time to post on Facebook is between the hours of 1pm-3pm, others have suggested a much wider time frame of 9am-7pm. Our advice is to try posting at different periods of the day and monitoring the engagement (how many likes/shares and how many people you reach). As a rule of thumb you shouldn’t be posting before people usually start work, or after dinner time; at these periods Facebooker’s are less likely to take in your intended message as their minds are preoccupied with their horrific commute or what they’ll be eating for dinner!

What to Post:

  • Smile for the camera – Research has found that posting images will obtain you 39% more interactions; you could look to receive 53% more likes and up to 104% more comments if you post a photo with your written posts – so get creative with images.
  • Keep it short & sweet – Posts that keep an eye on their word count can see around a 23% increase in interactions; Facebooker’s don’t want to have to read a mini novel to understand what you’re trying to say to them. If you can keep posts below 250 characters, you’ll be looking sweet.
  • Who agrees with me? – Asking your Facebook Fans questions can get you up to a whopping 100% more engagement. People love to be involved in a debate and give their opinion, so ask them questions to help them feel involved. Top Tip – avoid open questions (why, how..) as users are less likely to respond compared to posts using closed questions such as ‘should,’ ‘would,’ and ‘who?’
  • Win! Win! Win! – Use competitions and discounts to lure in more likes – 35% of FB fans will like a page to enter a competition, with 42% liking a page to obtain a discount or coupon. So, make a discount code or think up an exciting competition and promote like crazy on Facebook.


Twitter is an excellent form of social media to help promote your business and engage with your audience. Use this guide to help you become a Twitter pro and you’ll have favourites and retweets left, right and centre as your followers hang on your every tweet.

When to Tweet:

  • Weekends – brand engagement can be up to 17% higher when tweeting on the weekend; because a majority of users have more free time at the weekends, they are more likely to take time to engage with your tweets.
  • Thursday & Friday – It may not always be realistic to tweet at the weekends, so other days to focus on are Thursdays and Fridays. Statistics show that other than the weekend, click through rates begin to peak from Thursday onwards – like Facebooker’s, we can assume that Twitter users begin to use the site more when they don’t want to be at work.
  • Tweet later on – the ideal time to secure retweets is estimated at around 5pm; Twitter users are more active during their commute to and from work, so tweeting between 8-9am is also a good time to engage your Twitter audience. Another time to consider is between 12-2pm when users are usually on their lunch breaks and look to Twitter to fill their time – why not try Tweeting at different times of the day and monitoring the amount of retweets or favourites you receive?

What to Tweet:

  • #nomorethantwo – hashtags are key to use on Twitter and are an easy way to get yourself noticed. Tweets using a # can gain up to two times the engagement as those without – but beware! Tweets using more than two hashtags can lead to a 17% drop in engagement, so think carefully and remember to not overdo it. A good tip to finding attention grabbing hashtags is to look at what is trending daily for tweet inspiration.
  • Picture perfect – similar to Facebook, tweets with an image can lead to up to two times the amount of engagement as those without – so find a striking image that will stand out amongst the Twitter traffic.
  • Please RT this via @WebDesignSussex – using key words such as “Please”, “Retweet”, “RT”, “Via” and “@” have all been seen to help increase click through rates; try using a mixture of these words in your tweets to directly tell your audience what you want them to do. You increase your chances of being reweeted by up to 12 times if you ask for it, and up to 23% more if you actually use the word “Retweet” – so don’t be afraid to be directive.
  • Click on this – links are a good way to increase your chances of being retweeted; up to 86% in fact. Find links of interest for your Twitter audience and tell them to click on it. Links are also useful in getting around the 160 character cap on tweets by linking your followers onto another page where you can go into more detail about what you’re tweeting about.

Now you’ve read our guide here at Pople Media Solutions, go forth and start experimenting with your Facebook posts and Twitter tweets – we’re sure you’ll become a social media pro in no time.

*All statistics taken from Buffer Social