The Ultimate 5 Steps to Achieving SEO Success

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1.What is SEO?

SEO is best practice for your site. It is the process of making your site better for search engines, so they know exactly what is on your site, and where to place you in their rankings. SEO includes making images, title, descriptions, and content readable by the search engine, whilst also enhancing user experience. We have broken down some of the language you will find when reading about SEO to help your understanding, and make the process less alien to you.

2.Why is SEO Necessary?

There are many reasons you need to be implementing SEO on your site:

  • It creates trust for your brand. People trust search engines, and as a result trust results closer to the top ranking. Using SEO over time will increase your search engine rank.
  • Improves User Experience
  • Increases Social Promotion
  • Puts you above your competitors
  • Drives Organic Traffic
  • Targets your audience
  • Increases Sales

3. How to do Keyword Research?

Keyword research can sound difficult, but we have helped you break down the steps. You firstly need to look for trending topics within your niche; you can do this through looking at what’s popular on social media, or through looking at frequently used keywords through tools such as Adwords.

Next, look through keywords for words that have a good search volume, but without too much competition.

Search these terms on Google, and scroll down to the suggested queries; this give you further information on keywords to use related to your post.

Ensure to use these keywords strategically through your post without “stuffing” keywords in irrelevant places – this may lead to penalisation by search engines.

4. How can I Optimise my Content?

  • This is where using the keywords you have found, is key. Use them within your Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and image description (called Alt Tags).
  • Ensure that you don’t duplicate content, relate any similar content through inbound links, but do recreate old content. Updating it is far better.
  • If you move any of your content to a new site whether that’s for a brief period of time or for good, you need to set up 301, or 302 redirects.
  • Remove any broken links on your site.

5. How Can You Measure and Track Your Success?

There are so many tracking tools out there that finding the ones you like best is key. Some we recommend are Google Search Console & Google Analytics, as Google is the market leader with 74.54%.

Spyfu is another free tool which is great for further insight into your traffic. You must make sure you have these set up properly to make use of their full function. Look at what your competitors are ranking for, and where you rank on similar content. Assess where your traffic is coming from and target those areas, with campaigns. You know your SEO strategy is working well, when your organic (unpaid) increases.

5 Steps to SEO Success Infographic

5 Steps to SEO Success

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