What Does The New Google More Results Update Mean?

Google Confirm The More Results Update What Does It Mean For You?

Google confirmed yesterday ‘11th April 2018’ that they are implementing a new feature for mobile ‘More Results’. This comes after last months Broad Core Search Algorithm Change.

What is the ‘More Results’ feature?

‘More Results’ is just for mobile. It allows the user, rather than clicking onto a page 2 to load an entirely new page, to load more results further down page one. What this means is that your results will load faster due to the fact a whole new page doesn’t have to be opened.

This is all in line with what we have already learnt from Google, that they are meeting consumer demand for mobile first, fast websites and this is what google will be prioritising.

Who will see this feature?

In a tweet from Google SearchLiason it was suggested that this update would be seen by users on the ‘Google app for iOS & Android or major mobile web browsers other than Chrome for iOS’

Googles Tweet Confirming The More Results Update

What does this mean for SEO?

The move will benefit publishers ranking organically, which is a step forward for content creators who is are prioritising fast website loading times, and providing relevant information for customers.

‘More Results’ will priorities organically ranking posts, and then display any relevant ads. This then is a move towards improving user experience for both publishers and users.

What Does this mean for Ads?

Google Said ‘For ads, the button will load more organic results first, then ads when relevant underneath those.’

How do you feel about this change?

One twitter user responded to the tweet asking ‘What if i want the classic “Next” back?’, whilst another pointed out the benefit to organically ranking traffic suggesting this

‘Makes the value of top of second page organically way higher than top of second page for paid, in the past it was more equal. Wonder how that will change things.’

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