Essential New Instagram Update & How to Link Bio Hashtags Step by Step Guide

5 Steps to Linking Instagram Bio Hashtags

As of December 2017, Instagram has a total of 800 million users. This is a huge market, which you can target to grow your business, and we are going to share the secret on how you can do this.

Firstly, UPDATE YOUR BIO. The newest Instagram update which rolled out across all accounts 21/03/18, means that you can now become an even bigger part of the community. When you are part of a community you build trust, likability, and followers; increasing the likelihood people will buy from your business

What were the changes?

This March, Instagram applied a change to its app, which according to their own blog is;

‘A new way to express yourself and the things you care about. Now when you include a # or @ in your bio, they become live links that lead to a hashtag page or another profile.’

This is a key change for anyone using Instagram to market a service or product.

Why it matters?

50% of Instagram users, use social media to search products. Hashtags are a key part of this search process. You can now target your followers through a call to action, each time you post an image in its description, guiding your audience to follow the hashtag linked in your bio. They can then follow your hashtag, and if they want to shop or share your products they can. They become an integral member of your community, spreading your brand message. A fantastic tool to include in your marketing strategy.

The Secret to Success? Create your own hashtag community.

Community is key to success in digital marketing. Asking your customers to share their pictures of your product, on your company hashtag, will increase trust and start conversation. You can like these pictures and comment on them. People following the customer, will see you are a personable company, selling amazing products and check out your company, page, and hashtag. Seeing other people loving your brand is likely to attract new customers and start further conversation about your products.

So…How do you add Hashtags to your bio?

  • Head over to your Instagram app.
  • Get on the edit profile button.
  • Start typing in the hashtags that you want to link. (Your hashtags MUST directly link to your brand, if you are a clothing company then HASHTAGS such as #fashiondaily, #stylediary, and #fashionpost are examples of relevant hashtags you could link to.)
  • Select the most relevant hashtags and save settings.
  • When people go to your page, they can click on those hashtags now linked in your bio

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