Google Confirm New Core Algorithm Update March 18

What is a broad core search algorithm update & how will it affect your content?

Broad update means that its far reaching. Google is constantly updating its algorithm tweeking it with minor effect. The confirmed update was suspected by SEO’s as they saw wider changes in ranking.

What Google are saying is that there is very little you can do about the update, due to the change focusing on providing service to users. This means providing the most relevant content to the searcher. As long as you are producing good quality content your page may ‘over time, rise relative to other pages.’ as Google say, ‘changes to our systems are benefiting pages that were previously under-rewarded….’.

What is mobile first?

Mobile first is just as it sounds. Google will crawl the mobile section of your page first, where previously it prioritised desktop, in response to a movement of primary users on mobile devices. Mobile versions of your pages will be cached, and you will see an increase in crawl rate from the smartphone Googlebot.

There’s no “fix”

Google suggest that there is nothing you can do other than continue to focus on great content. The mobile first indexing doesn’t affect rank, but will perform better on mobile results; desktop only content will still be represented on Googles’ index.
In July, Google are updating to provide users with fast loading content therefore ensuring your content is fast loading will improve performance.

Next, look through keywords for words that have a good search volume, but without too much competition.

Search these terms on Google, and scroll down to the suggested queries; this give you further information on keywords to use related to your post.

Ensure to use these keywords strategically through your post without “stuffing” keywords in irrelevant places – this may lead to penalisation by search engines.

In conclusion:

  • Ensure you have an optimised mobile version of your site.
  • Continue to produce high quality content.
  • Ensure you desktop and mobile content is fast loading.

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