Because our customers website growth and continued stability is of the upmost importance, we are now recommending Cloudflare to anyone who has a website and this is why…

  • Basic SSL certificate (Non sensitive and Non transactional / e-commerce)
  • This will show the HTTPS, green padlock and all visual standards of an SSL (not the extended green bar) indicating that your site is secured using an SSL
  • Protects from common threats such as public WiFi snooping and Ad Injection over HTTP
  • Security
  • Increases your websites security
  • Helps prevent Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks
  • Speed
  • Increases your websites speed by reducing the Javascript, CSS and HTML of your site
  • Increases the cache strength of the site which in turn will deliver the site to your users quicker

Learn more about the importance of Cloudflare and protecting your website

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