Instagram is an app-based photo & video sharing Social Media platform that has been around since 2010. For those new to the world of Instagram, we’ve thrown together a quick guide to getting started for your business. And if you’re in need of some reasons why you might need an Instagram account for your business, head over here!

Step One – Get an account

As Instagram is an app-based platform, the first step is to download the app on your mobile; from here, you can get signed up. Unlike some Social Media site, such as Facebook, Instagram does not require you to have a personal account to create one for your business. This does, however, throw up some annoyance when wanting to switch from personal to business accounts! Simply follow the easy steps outlined when you get the app to set up your account and you’re ready to get goin’.

Step Two – Optimise

Ok, so now you’ve got your account, it’s time to optimise. Use the Profile tab to edit your key information such as your name, photo, contact details & description. Make sure you fill out as much information as you can to make it easy for users to recognise and engage with you.

From here, you can also start linking your social media accounts together; this means that when posting on Instagram you can send out updates across all of your other social platforms with just the click of a button. Do this by going through the Profile Tab > Settings Cog in top right > Linked Accounts & follow instructions from there.

Step Three – Find Followers

There’s a variety of ways to find followers to get you on your feet with the hope of some follow backs. Use either the Search tab to type in related keywords to your business and find some interesting users, or head back to the settings cog on the Profile tab where it will give you the option for suggested users.

Step Four – Get Posting!

Now you’ve got the basics set up, it’s time to start posting interesting, relevant & engaging content for your fans! You can either use photos or videos already saved in your phone, or can take & record as and when needed – all you do is click on the middle tab. From here you can select your post, add some good-looking filters, write an engaging description (not forgetting to use hashtags) and simply click on the Social sites you want to share the post on, and voilá!

Follow these simple steps to get your businesses Instagram account up and running to discover it’s worth in your social media strategy.

Our quick guide to Instagram Tabs:

Home – this is where your newsfeed is kept which shows you real time updates from those you follow.

 Search – this tab allows you to search for everything from People, Hashtags & Places. This tab will also show your posts from users you might be interested in.

Share – the middle tab is for uploading or taking photos/ videos to share with all of Instagram.

Notifications – the heart tab keeps you updated on all of your follower updates and those who have commented or shown ‘love’ to your posts.

Profile – your profile tab shows you all everything you have posted, as well as posts you’ve been tagged in. This is where you’ll also find the settings cog in the top left-hand corner.