Lonely Planet Launches New Image Sharing App for Travel Enthusiasts

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22nd August 2017

Trips by Lonely Planet - Share your Travel Experiences

In this day and age, more and more social media apps are being designed to engage our senses, enable us to share our travels and experiences, and bring us that much closer to parts of the world most of us will never get the chance to see in our lifetime.

Trips is a new app to come into play. Designed by the Lonely Planet team and in collaboration with interface design consultancy MetaLab , its aim is to encourage image population and image content sharing. The app consists of the following functionality which makes this easy-to-use app a great addition to your social platforms:

  • Image and video uploads
  • Story telling
  • Captions
  • I-hearting
  • Profile following
  • Likes
  • Discover tabs
  • Create a trip
  • Location tags
  • Maps
  • Simple mobile-friendly interfaces

According to the creators of Trips, the app is not meant to be in direct competition with content-sharing app giant, Instagram, which has 400 million active users on a daily basis.

Trips is Lonely Planet’s second app. In 2016, Lonely Planet launched its first app ‘Guides’., which provides tips and advice from travel experts. Over a million people have downloaded Guides. There are high hopes that Trips will be as successful as its sister app.

Is Trips the new Instagram?

Sharing content brings all kinds of communities together in one place, despite varying time zones, and with the aid of one app. App Designers and product designers alike are all contending to promote clean interfaces, simple navigation and user-centred products. But with a shared focus on image and video sharing, can Trips be labelled the new Instagram in these app-centric times?

Lonely Planet CEO Daniel Houghton, stated: “We understand what the modern traveller wants and have delivered an interactive digital platform that offers an effortless, mobile-first way to document, share and discover remarkable experiences.”

The app is intended to help users to create their own written guides for each other and in turn, helps formulate an app-savvy, travel-hungry, creative and cultured community. Some might say, it’s less of a social network creation but more of a beautifully curated visual story, showing the rest of the world our travels.

"We don't expect people to abandon other photo-sharing apps," said CEO Daniel Houghton. "We even built functionality in Trips so you can link back to your Instagram and show those photos. But this is a more in-depth product from a travel point of view. Instead of posting one photo or blowing up your Instagram feed with 10 in a row you can do a gallery or write your own magazine-style travel story. " (Endgaget)

There are a number of apps and services such as Medium, Google Photos, VSCO's Journal and more, that enable you to build similar projects, but none have the specific travel focus of Lonely Planet. That sense of community, is how Houghton envisions Trips standing out from the rest of the crowd. "If you do share your creations publicly, it all gets exposed to the rest of the community and hopefully encourages you to share more," Houghton said. "There's a lot to be said for being in a community of people specific to travel."

This is one app that has its foot firmly in the travel market. Whether you’re a city hopper or an avid round-the-globe traveller, this is an app worth downloading.

Trips is now available for free on iOS and will be available on Android later this year.

Image: Gadgets 360

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