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Blog Author - Rowan

31st March 2017

5 Reasons You Need To Update Your Website

We have put together a handy infographic which explains the importance of keeping your website up to date and on the latest technology...

Huga why upgrade your website infographic

1. Security

The number one reason for you to update your website is for security. If you are using older versions of software your site is more vulnerable to security risk.

Although it is vital for all websites to be running on the latest software, in terms of security you should be particularly aware if you are running an e-commerce site, this is due to the holding of private customer details which are important to protect.

When security breaches occur in older versions of a website, it can be more difficult to resolve and to ensure that the breach doesn't occur again.

2. Bad User Experience

When running a website the user should always be your top priority. Their experience of your site is what will drive further sales and help to promote your business; if this experience is bad then this can have a negative impact on your business. By running an older site on up-to-date software such as website browsers the users experience can be negatively affected, as the site will often look odd and not display correctly.

With a whole host of competitors available, if your site isn't displaying correctly customers will leave your site and shop elsewhere, not only are you then loosing your customer but also the opportunity for repeat sales and customer advocacy.

The link between UX and SEO

Bad user experience can also have a negative impact on SEO. This is due to search engines looking at key engagement factors to see whether people engage with your site or not.

These Include:
  • Engagement Metrics
  • Machine Learning
  • Linking Patterns


For more information read this great article by Moz

3. Break Through Limitations

When your site is built on old versions of software, you are limited on how much you can do with its functionality. This means the functionality is likely to be outdated. As outlined above, this will negatively affect user experience, but it will also impact on your potential to convert customers and increase sales.

4. Stay on Trend

Staying on trend is essential for your marketing efforts. Competitors will be doing everything they can to stay on trend and this means in order to compete you need to as well. By having the latest upgrade for your website you can ensure you are staying competitive and giving customers what they expect.

Non-Responsive Example

A current trend is for responsive websites, this means they function equally well across desktop, mobile, and tablet. A key example of how important this is Googles move towards Mobile first indexing. Therefore, if your website isn't responsive traffic to your site is going to suffer, as it wont rank highly in search engine results.

5. Maximise your Marketing

A final consideration for your website update is making the most of your marketing. You are putting in time, money, and effort into your marketing, which is wasted if customers can't engage with your site.

When your ads are running to a well optimised site, your content is ranking well because your site performs well and customers are engaging, your website is supporting your efforts and this is achieved through a frequently upgraded website.

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