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17th February 2017

Why A Responsive Site is Key to Your Websites Success

Responsive sites are an essential factor for your online marketing efforts, they contribute to successful SEO, as well as meeting UX expectations. Google responded to this customer trend through bringing out an updated mobile first index.

What is a Responsive Site?

A responsive site is one that has been designed to respond to size changes across devices. With the emergence of a variety of tablets, and smart phones, users are accessing online content through a variety of screen sizes and webpages need to respond to these so that the content displays in a user friendly way across them all

Down to being asked by numerous clients about the importance of ensuring a website is Mobile Responsive, we thought it was best to put together a simple infographic filled with facts to help explain this. For those of you who like a good print and read, we have put together a PDF Document which you can Download Here

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