But what is Hygge & how has it come to be one of 2016’s key words in a mere few months? Search trends show us that Hygge has rocketed in the popularity of keen Googlers over the last 3 months of 2016 and it’s no surprise given the cosy, warm feeling that hygge represents in a country so attune to seasonal changes and a love of all things viral.

Let’s start with how to pronounce Hygge – think Hoo.Gah.

Now for the more attentive of you lot, you may have notice that our name coincidently sounds rather similar to Hygge’s pronunciation, and you’d be right! We, Huga, took inspiration directly from this Danish nugget back in February this year when we undertook a rebrand. We wrote all about what’s in a name, giving our advice on rebrands and talking about how we happened upon Hygge.

Meet Søren – the hygge leader here at Huga. With his Danish roots (take note of his name, which he too incidentally struggles with daily for mispronunciation) Søren introduced us to Hygge back in early 2015, often using the analogy of “it’s a bit like a roast dinner, or drinking in a pub with a fire…it’s basically cosiness

And that’s just it – translated to English the best you can, Hygge is like cosiness. It’s a warm drink in hand, warming up by the fire after a cold walk type of cosiness. It’s reading your favourite book in a comfy little nook. It’s sharing food and drink with your friends, having a good time & making memories. For many, they prefer to define Hygge as more of a feeling, and for us at Huga, it’s doing things that make you feel good.

We picked up “The Little Book of Hygge” to adorn our office and within it are loads of great ideas to hyggelig your life – whether that be at home or work. A few of our favourite ideas include:

  • Warm & Cosy Lighting
  • Hygge Candles
  • Cosy Nooks
  • Warmth, Comfort & Pleasure
  • Food & Drink
  • Socialising
  • Watching a film
  • Reading a book
  • Listening to Music

We fully embrace all the hyggelig-moments in life and have some special Hygge based content in the pipeline – so keep an eye out, and happy hygge!