A quick overview for those of you new to the world of Insta; Instagram is an app-based photo sharing platform which came to our screens in 2010. Just two years after it’s start up, the gravity of Instagram’s potential became apparent when Facebook acquired it for a whopping $1 billion, despite it’s lack of revenue and only a handful of employees.  Since then, Instagram’s popularity for both consumers and businesses has grown alongside improvements in the apps UX and marketing use. From introducing Video abilities in Mid-2013, to near worldwide ‘self-service’ advertising and as of Late-2015, Instagram has been ever evolving for business use and is being picked up as a vital and legitimate tool for Social Media strategies.

One of the greatest appeals of Instagram for marketers is that its content is highly engaging using a mix of image and video based content to get marketing messages across. On average, Instagram pulls 58 times more unpaid interactions compared to Facebook, with top brands looking to expect near 5,000 “hearts” per post.

Furthermore, Instagram’s ties with Facebook means that marketers benefit from the vast network of data gathered, which allows for exceptional targeting abilities when using it’s advertising options. With these points and more taken into consideration, it’s no surprise that 52% of marketers plans to increase their use of Instagram in 2016.

If you are a newbie to Instagram, view our blog article on getting your account started up and get exploring all that Instagram has to offer your business!