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10th Feb 2016

What experience has taught us about rebranding.

For those of us in the world of business, trying to create a distinctive brand for ourselves, a name is everything. For some, their name spells out exactly what their company does, for others its more about creating a persona. For us, our name change came about to reflect the businesses growth and to establish ourselves within the Digital Marketing industry, where names are as abstract and varied as they come so say hello to Huga.

Throughout our own rebranding/renaming process, we have learnt a lot along the way and would like to impart our newly found wisdom should you ever undergo the process yourself.

Firstly, there are many reasons you might choose to change your name or undertake a rebrand there are the obvious reasons, like mergers & acquisitions, or major changes in the direction the business is taking, but for others they just simply fancy a re-fresh, something to shake it up a little. For the unlucky some, negative associations to their current name and branding have forced their hand and they look for pastures new to put all the undesirable feelings behind them (they hope!) Whatever your reasons for wanting to change your business name, we have learnt that preparation and planning is absolutely key in making this a smooth transition.

At the beginning of our process, we found it helpful to take inspiration from the corporate giants who have found great success (or major failures) in their name changes not only is this an informative process as we were unaware what many well establish brands used to be called, but it also offered some great ideas about what to steer clear of and what to strive after. Some particularly interesting rebranding stories include Google, who where actually first called BackRub back in 96; needless to say Larry & Sergey made an excellent choice in their abstract choice - not many can turn their brand name into a commonly used verb.

We spent much time brainstorming as a team as to what our new name would be, and in the end we took inspiration from Sorens Danish roots to adapt a classic Danish saying Hygge, making it more user friendly, and ta-dah - Huga was born.

From here, we realised that planning and preparation was to be vital in ensuring that the name was seamlessly integrated across the board in our site, our content, our legal documents, our social media platforms, email accounts & signatures, references, directoriesthe list goes on. We found that starting with a checklist always helps, highlighting all the things which uses our original brand name and assessing how we were going to be changing these.

Then came the decision of when wed be changing everything; with a rebrand and especially with a name change, consistency is key and therefore setting a launch date in which all changes will take place is vital. This not only gives you time to get all your ducks in a row, but also offers the opportunity to prepare your existing clients/customer for the change of name or a big difference in brand loyalty is largely based upon trust, therefore you dont want to break this.

We scheduled a series of email campaigns to explain what we were doing, why we were doing it and when it would be implemented; it was key for us to make it clear to our clients that we hadnt been bought out or changing who we were, we just wanted a new image for ourselves which would benefit them. Alongside email campaigns, we used social media to get the idea out there that a change would soon be coming, and to build some hype around our new site and name.

Alongside reassuring clients and keeping them informed, its most important to make sure that your colleagues and employees are fully behind the rebrand and why it is occurring. Its most likely that they will be the ones having to talk about this most often, thus making it vital for your team to be backing up the change with enthusiasm.

Once all the prep has been done, its just a case of going over the checklist and ensuring all areas have been covered, and then comes the exciting bit Launch!

Were really looking forward to what our new name and brand will bring to the business and will keep you informed along the way!

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