As a first experience at the event, it was overall extremely valuable in opening the mind to the endless possibilities within digital marketing and specifically harnessing search engines for promotional benefits.

Particular highlights include the fast-talking, all-knowing Greg Gifford, instilling his expertise about the importance of Local SEO; his presentation delivered over 100 slides, each with a different movie reference and no lack of information. He whizzed through all of Google’s latest updates and their impact on Local SEO, highlighting the fact that Google have essentially conducted a 360 on everything recommended half a year of go.

Cathal Berragan delivered a telling presentation on his 21st birthday on how to reach half a million Twitter followers after his success in creating @MedievalReacts, a Twitter page with a huge following. The social media guru provided insight into how he amassed his following, highlighting the power of harnessing social media for viral effect.

The day was finished off by an inspiring and extremely on-point talk conducted by Dave Trott. Dave’s ability to strip back marketing to its bare bones and ask us to start standing out in our marketing promotions really got the creative juices flowing. His analogy of a couple who had left their all-powerful key inside and ended up stuck in their high tech car because they’d forgotten to even try the door handles, just highlighted that even though we work in a digital environment, this doesn’t mean common sense and practice has to go out of the window.

Overall, the day was highly insightful and very well organised, and we topped off the day with a nice cool pint…see you in 2016 Brighton SEO!