Unlike previous well-know Google updates, such as ‘Panda’ and ‘Penguin,’ the new mobile update has potential for somewhat larger impact. Google estimate that around 50% of searches are now conducted on a mobile and therefore have created the update to prioritise optimised, mobile-friendly sites to those using mobile search to provide them with high quality search results. This therefore means that any non-mobile-friendly site is likely to see an impact in their mobile search rankings as mobile-friendly sites are given the upper hand.

Now, if your site isn’t what Google deem as “mobile-friendly,” then this update does present an issue for your search results, but it’s key to remember that this will only affect mobile search results – it does not have an impact on your desktop and tablet search rankings. So, you can relax a little, but when it comes to good Search Engine Optimisation you ideally want to be hitting those top rankings across all platforms, be it desktop, tablet or mobile.

If you’re not sure if your site is mobile-friendly enough for Google, then check out their free online tool here, which will tell you. Even if you’ve made your site responsive, it’s still good to double check as some responsive elements may not meet Google’s criteria! We recommend that you do this as soon as possible as Google will be working hard to crawl all sites to see if they match up to their new mobile algorithm. Since the update was put into place on April 21st, they’ve already got a head start on you, so it really is key to check out your site, and get in touch with a developer as soon as possible if you need to make your site mobile-friendly.

Get in touch with us for any queries or questions about your site’s mobile-friendliness and make sure you’re ranking high across all search platforms.