Is Using ‘How To’ The Key To Content Marketing Success?

Since the dawn of the internet which has formed life as we now know it, we’ve become used to all types of information being available at the tips of our fingers. Questions and queries can be answered in seconds and news from the other side of the world is reported as quickly as it takes the first person to tweet or post. We turn to the internet for medical advice, trivia, recommendations and lessons which means that we can now learn how to belly dance, yodel or make an origami dinosaur without leaving our bedrooms or meeting our teachers.

Put the words ‘How to’ into Google’s search bar and it urges the rest of your sentence to be  ‘make pancakes’, ‘lose weight fast’, ‘pick a lock’, ‘French kiss’ or ‘make money’, demonstrating that past users have asked the worldwide users of the web for help with a variety of tasks.

So What can Your Content Marketing Gain From Using ‘How To?’

Obviously you don’t want to lose business by telling your future customers your trade secrets but you can use your expertise to give some useful information which will draw new customers to you and your site. In your website’s blog or news section, start to write ‘how to’ posts or create a YouTube video. Whether your clothing website advises on ‘How to dress like Kate Middleton’, your cheese shop shows ‘How to make the best cheddar sandwich’ or your car dealership recommends ‘How to make the most of an American road trip’ it’s an effective way of driving traffic to your website by letting people indirectly find you.

Learn More about Content Marketing

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