Ever felt a little bored with the choices for your domain name? my business.com, myotherbusiness.co.uk. Ever dreamed about spicing it up a little? Dare we even think.. getting your business.org?

Come on try a little harder. What if your web address could be joebloggs.ninja instead of .com? Well now it can be. Or how about you in the catering industry? .food is now available. Imagine how beneficial that can be to your search engine rankings? Heck I might even get .zombiekiller for my weekends.

These new GTLD’s (Generic Top Level Domains) are following the trend of the not so recent .XXX extension release for the adult industry, in order to help differentiate everyday sites from the more ‘after dark’ sites. Get in touch with Pople today and see what we can do about adding a little more personal flare to your address bar.