Stay fresh

Following on from our previous article of upcoming visual design trends, here is another selection of predicted trends set to arise for 2014.

Lens Flare Although lens flares are a technical mistake in photography they are an ever growing trend used in modern films and photos. Some famous examples include Man of Steel, Captain America, Star Trek and seemingly every JJ Abrams film ever made. The idea is that it creates environmental authenticity in strong light sources and a more natural, human touch to photography.

Multi-Racial Models It’s now more common than ever to include a wide assortment of ethnicities when using model shots as we are part of an ever growing, multi-national society. As technology progresses and world-wide communication becomes more and more available, it’s never been easier for different cultures to connect.

Hand Drawn Vectors As technology gets more advanced, it seems we’re getting back to the root of it all with plain and simple drawings. Like lens flares, the human element is craved in a world full of computers. It gives a stronger human element and creative character to an otherwise cold and calculated piece of machinery, and helps to remind your website viewers that there’s a real person behind your business.

These are just a few examples of how visual trends going to effect 2014 – watch this space