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28th Jun 2013

Blogging and why its a must! Because we are so good at it ourselves.

Blogging is paramount. End of story. Why? People love to know whats going on; with technology heading all towards handheld devices everything is done on the move and people do not want to sit down and "search" for the updates, they want it to be fed to them right here, right now.

By keeping a blog up to date and fresh will attract people to your site, it doesnt need to directly link into your business itself. For example:

If our designers discover a new web friendly font which they didnt know about before they will (should) blog about how fonts can effect the whole feel of your websites.

This relates to our business but directly to it, you want your website to be a knowlege base for users, buyers, clients and build a reliable reputation with the online community. A trusted website is a well used website. A well used website is blogged about. A blogged about website is a well exposed website... You can see the pattern.

It can be a hassle having to blog and alot of people do not keep it up, look at us for example. It can only do you good.

Keep it up and the results will show!

Oh and by the way - watch this space, there will be another entry soon, we promise!

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