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31st October 2012

Which internet browser are you reading this in? Chances are that it's Chrome or Firefox. Over the last year, the way in which we use the internet and browser in which we do this have changed radically.

Since the introduction of Google Chrome — by far the fastest browser

The significant trends are: an ever increasing market share for Chrome and a strong decrease in share for IE8 which has now reached an all-time low of 13%, and this is only going to decrease over the coming months. IE7 fallen by the wayside with just 1.4% of users.
With this in mind, we are no longer building sites to accomodate IE7 as it's simply not worth the significant ammount of extra time required to optimise for it.

In addition, because of difference in technology between IE8 and other browsers — IE8 doesn't support CSS3, now the standard for all modern browsers — we're going to start reducing the extent of support for it too. In reality what, the inability of IE8 to support CSS3 means is that either we could build less advanced sites for all browsers or build better sites, but accept a slight difference in how they appear in IE8. If you are reading this in IE8, we highly recommend updating your browser as soon as possible in order to make the most of the web.

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