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Blog Author - Rowan

16th Jul 2012

A quick look at how our SEO work is benefitting our customers

It's pretty difficult to remember exactly how many people have asked me 'so, how do I get to page 1 on Google?', but it's a lot.

My answer varies, not due to indecision, but due to a wealth of options. Depending who you are, what business you're in and what your site already looks like, there's going to be a specific approach for you.

We've dealt with large clients who sell products such as natural toiletries directly on their site, to individuals in alternative health, but there are some basics which you can factor in. 

1. Social media. Yes, I know a lot of people see this as an unnecessary pain when there's so much else to deal with but the truth is that search engines have started to place a lot of importance in how a site is linked into social media. The great news for you is that it's very simple to set up and puts your site at the center of a web of internationally renowned sites which give you a brilliant platform on which to publicise yourself.

2. Make the site dynamic. Sites which are read by search engine bots as being dynamic and updated on a regular basis are seen favourably because they are seen to be up to date and current. There's a simple way of making sure this is adding a blog, new section or linking in a twitter feed. Just taking 30 minutes a week to write a little article on a subject in your field can have dramatic effect on your ranking — particularly if you post this into your social media sites. 

3. Visual media. Google has made no secret of the fact that their algorithm loves videos at the moment, so take advantage of this! Embed youTube videos where you can and make sure that any images you've got on your site are alt tagged with keywords relevant to your site. Simple but effective.

4. Links, links, links. I'm sure you've heard it before, but it's true so I'll say it again. Links are essential. Make sure your site is the spaghetti junction of your industry. Have links coming and going in all directions and make sure some of them are major routes with high page ranks. This is usually case of just asking contacts for a link on their site. Just make sure the link is labelled with a keyword.

Well, there's four steps which should start you out in the right direction, so go run, be free in the fields of SEO! Maybe that was a bit over-dramatic, but these steps will improve your website's Google ranking.

All the best, 

The Pople Media Solutions Team

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