Where is Pople?

Where's Pople?

Huga Press Release - 10.02.16


Pople Media Solutions has been trading since 2008 with Søren & his team providing high quality Web Design & Development, Branding & Digital Marketing solutions for a vast array of clients.

After 8 years, a change has come about and Pople Media Solutions will now be rebranding to a new trading name that reflects the company’s growth and direction moving forward. From February 2016, Pople will now be trading under the name Huga Digital Marketing.

The new name was generated through many brainstorming sessions and took inspiration from the Danish roots brought into the company by its founder. Huga (pronounced Hoo.gah) is the phonetic spelling of the well-known Danish saying “Hygge” – a term with a hundred meanings and feelings behind it – warmth, good times, connecting, inspiring, to name a few. To us, Huga is about enriching our partnerships with our clients, and ensuring that their business visions are brought to reality through our expertise and skill.

The decision to change the company’s name came about through natural growth within the business; a lot has changed since the days of simply offering Web Design & Development Solutions and we are now capable of offering our clients a more varied and robust set of online services to help promote their businesses online.

Huga Digital Marketing is and will remain to be the same business, with the same dedicated team, working towards the same principles and ethos built up through 8 years worth of trading – we will continue to build long standing partnerships with our clients to help them succeed, and the growth which has driven our rebrand will aid us in doing so.

So for clients old and new, from today onwards Pople Media Solutions will now be trading under the name Huga Digital Marketing and we’re excited about what this refreshed brand will bring to your business’ success.

Søren Pople

Tel: 01273 358812