Huga Digital Marketing - Sussex website design covering Brighton, London and the South
  • Søren Pople
  • Livvy Giblin
  • Rowan Harry
  • Simon Gregory
  • Paul Veysey
  • Søren Pople

    Søren Pople
    Managing Director

    • Hours talked: 365,000.. far too many
    • Most used phrase: I'll be there in 5
    • Teas drunk (Daily): 5
    • Era of Music: 80s - 90s - I know it's bad
    • Favourite spread: Peanut Butter

    Søren originally set up the company back in 2008 with his good friend Tom. He has always had enthusiasm for design but now spends more time preoccupied with company stuff.

  • Livvy Giblin

    Livvy Giblin
    Digital Strategist & Account Manager

    • Facebook posts posted: 2,120
    • Tweets tweeted: 946
    • Tea drinker: Of course
    • Least favourite phrase: Tekkers
    • Favourite food: French food

    Livvy likes to watch Harry Potter at least once a week and is an avid facebooker.

  • Rowan Harry

    Rowan Harry
    Technical Director

    • Support queries answered: 1,243*
    • Lines of code written: 458,743*
    • Pets: A Snake
    • Favourite superhero: Optimus Prime
    • Choice of machine: Apple Mac

    Having always been interested in the "techie" side of things, website development came naturally to Rowan. Often found with his head in techie forums and coding symbols burned into his retinas, with enough sleep he can hold a reasonable conversation and you wouldn't even know.

  • Simon Gregory

    Simon Gregory
    Web & Graphic Designer

    • Favourite software: Photoshop
    • Favourite film: Amelie
    • Teas drunk (daily): 8
    • Maximum beard length: 6.2cm
    • Role model: Batman

    A creative from birth, Simon's in his element when surrounded by pens, pencils and plenty of paper to work with. We're so glad to have someone so passionate about their work on our team to the point of always finding a pencil behind his ear and paint in his beard.

  • Paul Veysey

    Paul Veysey
    Web Developer

    • Favourite online game: League of Legends
    • Amount of sleep (hrs) required: 3 at a push
    • Favourite energy drink: Monster Ripper
    • Favourite TV programme: CSI Miami

    Paul has always been a computer enthusiast and his knowledge of web was gained by spending countless hours of pulling apart websites and playing online games through the night.


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